Golf Tips to Improve your Game


Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Learning how to play golf correctly is not done in one day or one year, for that matter. Some players will even tell you that they are still learning new things twenty years since they started playing! There is no such thing as a "perfect" golf game. Here are some basic tips that can help you lose a few years of learning the hard way. Not everyone will agree though on all the basics that are recommended, but here is what I have found that help golfers increase their golf score and accuracy.

Public Wichita Golf Courses

  Auburn Hills Golf Course
443 S. 135th St. West, (316) 219-9700

  Augusta Country Club
1610 Fairway; Augusta, (316) 775-7281

  Braeburn Golf Course
4201 E. 21st., (316) 685-6601

  Clearwater Greens
Clearwater, (316) 584-2799

  Echo Hills Golf Club
800 E 53rd St, (316) 838-0143

  Green Valley Greens Golf Course
16020 E Douglas - Andover, (316) 733-4100

  Hidden Lakes Golf Course
6020 S Greenwich Rd., (316) 788-2855

  L.W. Clapp Golf Course
4611 E Harry, (316) 688-9341

  MacDonald Park Golf Course
840 N Yale, (316) 688-9391

  Pawnee Prairie Park Golf Course
1931 S Tyler, (316) 721-7474

  Pine Bay Golf Course
6615 S Grove, 524-7300

  Sim Park Golf Course
2020 W Murdock, (316) 337-9100

  Terradyne Country Club
1400 Terradyne - Andover, (316) 733-5851

  Twin Lakes Golf Course
McConnell AFB, (316) 652-4038

Golf Basics

There are three things that you will want to keep in mind when you play golf. They are:

  1. RELAX! Make sure your body and muscles are relaxed!
  2. Keep your head as still as possible.
  3. Don't jerk your club around in your swing. Keep it traveling in a straight line.

Relaxing is one of the most important things to remember when you play golf. This helps you to keep your balance, which helps to keep your swing smooth and free. Be comfortable when you swing so that your body will stay relaxed for the entire length of the swing.

It's vital that you keep your head still throughout your shot. This is very easy to remedy and can have immediate results in your golf game. When you keep your head still, you can keep your eyes on the ball. How are you supposed to hit the ball if you do not keep your eyes on it?

If you will keep your club head going in a straight line when you are making contact with the ball, this will help cure your slicing problems and other problems that may occur.

If you are having a bad run of golf games, then go back to these three fundamental basics. There is no need to change your clubs, stance, or swing. Try to remedy your golf game in these three areas and you are sure to see your game improving before you know it!

More Golf Tips

The Basic Golf Swing
Hitting the ball with the basic golf swing is more physics than strength.

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Golf Resources

Golf Swing Aids
Since the golf game revolves around the technique of your swing, it should be obvious that one of the important parts of your golf training would be the golf swing aid.

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